The Big Give and Walk this Way

The Big Give and Walk This Way: our dementia friendly environment

Leominster Meeting Centre for people affected by dementia is about helping people and their families adjust to living with dementia by offering exercise, educational sessions, one-to-one meetings with support workers and advisers, as well as therapeutic activities and having FUN!

We would like to raise £ 8,000 to:

  • change the flooring so that it is uniform throughout in terms of style and colour; that it is of a particular quality to enable ease movement of furniture and walking frames; safe for movement and co-ordination activities and easy to clean.
  • install new, and upgrade existing dementia friendly signage both outside and inside the building.
  • convert a small office into a flexible, interactive memory room for small group and person-centred support.

To help us raise the money via the Big Give we need to raise £ 2000 in pledges of at least £ 100 by 27th August 2020. To read more about our campaign please follow this link

If you would like to pledge a donation please follow this link