What’s on at Leominster Meeting Centre in October 2018

What’s on at LEOMINSTER MEETING CENTRE in October 2018

Week one

Tuesday 2nd           

AM                          Tai Chi taster session.  Getting ready for the fete.

PM                             Movement and co-ordination session

Wednesday 3rd

AM                            Animals and Pets/  Visit from Hairdresser


PM                          Art with Kate/ Movement and co-ordination session

Family members meeting followed  by Friends of Leominster Meeting Centre 1.30pm until 3pm.

Thursday 4th           

AM                      Betty’s Birthday Bash


Week Two

Tuesday 9th

AM                          Tai Chi, Bingo and games

PM                           Movement and co-ordination session

Wednesday 10th 

AM                               Visit to Queenswood

PM                           Movement and co-ordination / daily discussion

Thursday 11th           

AM                         Chair volley ball/Cricket and games.

PM                              Movement and co-ordination session

Week Three

Tuesday 16th

AM                              Tai Chi/  Country and Western day.  Wear your Jeans and checked shirts

PM                             Line dancing

Wednesday 17th

AM                            Desert Islands Discs with Yvonne and Veronica

PM                            Movement and co-ordination / daily discussion

Thursday 18th                

AM                                  Favourite Film day

PM                           Movement and co-ordination / daily discussion

Week Four

Tuesday 23rd                                                                                                   

AM                        Tai Chi/  Make you own Pork pies (to be confirmed)

PM                       Movement and co-ordination / daily discussion

Wednesday 24th      

AM                               Oktoberfest celebrations

PM                            Movement and co-ordination / daily discussion

Thursday 25th    

AM                          Movement and co-ordination / daily discussion

PM                        Out to the Pub for lunch

Week Five

Tuesday 30th     

AM                     Music by Bryan (to be confirmed)

PM                      Movement and co-ordination / daily discussion

Wednesday 31st

AM                        Halloween

PM                     Movement and co-ordination / daily discussion

Contact  numbers

Telephone                       01568368180

Mobile                             07465839660

Email                    leominstermeetingcentre@gmail.com

Facebook               Leominster Meeting Centre

The Family Members Meeting (followed by The Friends of Leominster Meeting Centre) will be held on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

New Address        The Old Priory

Old Priory